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What Our Students are Saying?

Our students are our greatest assets. We hear everyone's voices. The smiles from each one of our students are the greatest encouragement to carry forward the Guzheng education

Xinyi Wang

As someone who has studied music for decades, I really know what I'm looking for. Before going to US, I studied Chinese zither and passed level 6 Grading Exam. After 10 years away from stage life, I was looking for someone who is not just professional to get my foundation back, but also could lead me back as a performer as I used to be. Yes, I'm very picky…Luckily, I found Crystal!!! She is so professional and always knows what I need. With her guidance, I'm very happy that I get back on stage. I will definitely choose Crystal as my lifetime Guzheng instructor. Again, not every teacher who plays well can teach well, luckily I got one! Thanks Crystal for making me a better performer!!!


Carrollton, TX (In Person)
Keegan Kimbrell

I had been entranced with the Guzheng for a long time, and I was incredibly excited when I saw that classes were being offered nearby. However, I was very nervous since I'm an American adult and was unsure how accommodating the classes would be. If you have similar worries I can tell without doubt that the classes have been absolutely perfect. Crystal has made me feel completely welcome, on top of the fact that she is an amazing teacher. She teaches at your speed and is very understanding of when life or work get in the way. I highly recommend taking lessons with her if you are considering learning the Guzheng.


Garland, TX (In Person)
Mindy Chen

We first came to Crystal's studio when my 10-year-old daughter was fascinated by Guzheng after watching a Chinese movie. Crystal encouraged me to learn alongside my daughter. This was quite a challenge as I have never learned any instrument in my life, and I consider myself having no musical talent whatsoever. However, at the same time, I also relived my childhood dream of learning an instrument, which was aborted due to lack of resources at that time. I started learning next to my daughter, thinking I may quit very soon. However, I quickly fell in love with the instrument, like my daughter. Crystal makes each step easy to grasp and fun to practice. She makes the learning of this 21-string instrument no longer daunting but tangible. She is a superb master in Guzheng while highly skilled in teaching students at various levels and ages. The lessons with her are very enjoyable. She has a kind and gentle heart. We can freely share our frustration and concern with her. Between the basic drills, she introduces simple and fun songs to make the learning rewarding and entertaining. She celebrates each little progress we have made, but also sets high standards for us to get more precise and faster. She is meticulous in correcting our posture and skills, which sets a solid foundation for future learning. I am pleasantly surprised that I could still learn a new instrument at my age amongst a busy life, and it is Crystal who made it possible. It is a very special experience to learn Guzheng with my daughter. We teach each other in our practice, challenge each other and sometimes compete with each other. We grow more intimate along the process and Guzheng becomes a special bonding between us. I recognize through my first-hand experience how hard it is to learn a music skill and I learn to appreciate the talents she has and the effort she puts in that I have overlooked in the past. We just recently had our first Guzheng performance and it is also our first performance on the same stage ever! I highly recommend Crystal's studio to any one who is interested in this elegant and beautiful instrument. It is never too late to start learning at any age. I also encourage parents to learn with their child. It will be a special experience that you don't want to miss.

Elin & Wei

Plano, TX (In Person)

My daughter started learning Guzheng in August 2022 at the age of six. I cannot express enough positive things about her Guzheng teacher, Crystal. She is not only a talented and knowledgeable musician but also one of the kindest and most supportive teachers I have ever met. Her approach to teaching is always patient and encouraging, and she has a gift for making even the most challenging pieces of music seem accessible. In addition to her excellent teaching skills, Crystal recently went above and beyond by arranging a show for my daughter during the Chinese New Year Celebration. The performance was a huge success, and I know it would not have been possible without Crystal's hard work and dedication. I highly recommend Crystal to anyone looking for a Guzheng teacher who is not only a fantastic musician but also a caring and supportive mentor. Thank you, Crystal, for everything you have done for my family and for sharing your love of music with us!


McKinney, TX (In Person)
Jenn Anzures

The best teachers are the ones who are passionate about what they teach, and I could see from the beginning that Crystal genuinely enjoys playing the Guzheng and teaching others how to play. Learning an instrument felt very daunting in the beginning and I doubted I could ever learn to play well enough, but her patience, enthusiasm, and the comfortable learning environment kept me on the right track. Crystal is very student-oriented and accommodating which speaks for itself as to how dedicated she is to her students. She teaches not only the technical aspects of the Guzheng, but also how to play with performance-level emotion and professionalism. I never leave a class feeling overwhelmed or having unanswered questions because she checks in with me constantly and always makes sure I know exactly what I need to work on. I am greeted with a smile every week and I have never felt that she was judgmental toward me, even on days that I wasn't at the top of my game. I'm incredibly thankful to have found such an excellent teacher to introduce me to a beautiful instrument!


Sherman, TX (In Person)
Mindy Chen

I am an adult who has been learning guzheng remotely with Crystal since 2020. I have a lot of experience with music education, having studied piano from childhood to college-level instruction, and Crystal is one of the best music teachers that I have had. She is an exacting instructor who sets high standards for students. When I struggled with a technique, she asked me to practice until I can reliably execute it three times without mistakes. This requirement has helped me elevate my skills, not simply pass by luck. Crystal emphasizes mastery of fundamentals and substance over showmanship. Crystal is also diligent at providing music education. She often carves out more than just my designated lesson time to ensure that I have time to ask questions, and ends each lesson with instruction on what I should be emphasizing in my practice for the coming week. Learning an instrument through remote instruction poses challenges. Crystal finds creative ways to overcome those challenges. While our lesson is usually conducted from one angle on zoom, Crystal requires me to submit videos from other angles so she can check my hand position, body gestures, and provide timely corrections. I had in-person instruction before finding Crystal during the pandemic, and I feel confident that studying remotely with Crystal delivers high quality and equivalent instruction. Crystal is also responsive to my educational needs. I have asked her to demonstrate what I am doing wrong in addition to telling me what needs to change so I can better understand my mistake through her demonstration. She does this every time, and this contrast has helped me to better understand what corrections I need to make. As an adult student, my greatest challenge is that my time is not my own. With work and family demands, I do not get to practice everyday, nor progress as quickly as I would prefer. Crystal is always understanding of this and flexible with adapting my lesson frequency to a cadence that fits with my life. This makes it easy to continue learning, even when circumstances are imperfect. When I reflect on how far I have come since I started with Crystal, I am glad that I took on this journey, and grateful that Crystal is here to guide me. She has helped me to realize a lifelong dream of learning the guzheng, an instrument that I have loved since childhood. I have not achieved mastery, but I will get there someday, with her help.


Oklahoma (Remote)
Annie Kwok

Crystal is such a patient and thorough teacher! She has amazing technique, and takes the time to explain and show each step of the way. I have learned a lot in such a short amount of time. Crystal is extremely encouraging, and she inspires me to be as wonderful of a player as she is. I would recommend Crystal Zheng Studio to anyone looking for great lessons and a good time.


Allen, TX (In Person)

Crystal is my daughter Adaiah's Guzheng teacher. Her pedagogical style is clear and concise. Her teaching is both easy-to-follow but is also rich with technical content. She is well liked by the students due to her kind and respectful demeanor. She patiently listens to questions and provides direction and relevant advice. My daughter is very lucky. She improve a lot within only a few months in her class!


McKinney, TX (In Person)
Tracy Guo

I have been learning Guzheng from Crystal since last year, who is very professional, patience, and always with passionate. You can learn lots of useful techniques and knowledges of Guzheng from her. She records your progress every class to plan and adjust the course contents for you. I would really recommend learning Guzheng from Crystal no matter you want to be professional in the future or just for your interest.


Dallas, TX (In Person)
Linh Ha

To all, I'm very lucky to have Crystal as my Guzheng's teacher. She's not only beautiful but also classy, elegant and kind person. She's very dedicated and thorough in her teachings. She has your lessons schedule plan out in details from fingers exercising techniques, keeping the tempo, adding dynamic, perfecting graceful hand movements. Crystal is a perfectionist herself and it shows in her teaching.


Plano, TX (In Person)

I would recommend Crystal to anyone who is interested in learning Guzheng and building a strong foundation, especially for beginners. Crystal will adjust the pace and content based on your strengths and weakness to maximize learning during every lesson. Crystal is patient and wants the best results from her students. She also organizes live shows with her students if you would like to have stage experience.


Flower Mound, TX (In Person)

I really enjoy and look forward to my Guzheng class from the very first class. I always feel like learning new techniques every week, both fingering techniques and also how to present the Guzheng performance gracefully. Crystal's explanations are exceptionally clear and detailed. She also gives step by step instructions very throughly in each class and I can feel the difference on my Guzheng skill. She is my beloved instructor.


Thailand (Remote)
Phuong Nguyen

Crystal is a talented and patient Guzheng teacher. She is meticulous and truly cares about my progress. I like how she reviews previous lessons at the beginning of the lesson then we build upon our knowledge with each lesson after. Hand shape and accuracy is something she focuses on and it has helped me learn music better. I truly enjoy learning Guzheng with Crystal and I am grateful to have her as my instructor.


Austin, TX (Remote)
Neil Nayyar

Crystal is a very experienced Guzheng teacher in the USA. She taught me so well. I play Guzheng very easily and precisely since I started with her. She really took care of details during her class. I have learned a lot from her. Looking forward to taking more lessons in the future.

Neil Nayyar

Elk Grove, CA (Remote)

My daughter started her Guzheng lesson with Crystal since the pandemic. We spent several months searching for a Guzheng instructor but often encountered roadblocks because they required us to speak Chinese. We are so fortunate to have found Crystal Zheng Studio. Crystal's English is very good and we understand her well. She accepted us with open arms even though we don't speak Chinese. Crystal was very motivating and encouraging, and my daughter always look forward to attending her class. My daughter has improved tremendously and loves Guzheng. Crystal's knowledge of Guzheng is amazing. She is patient with her student and always keeps the parent informed of progresses. We highly recommend anyone looking for a Guzheng teacher to try out Crystal Zheng Studio. You will not regret it!


Colorado (Remote)
Shery Cindy

Two of my children are enrolled in the Guzheng lessons with Crystal Zheng since July 2021. They are both progressing fast and enjoying the classes. Crystal is amazing! She has a very strong Guzheng background both academically and with performance experiences. The lesson is structured very well to ensure that a solid learning curve and knowledge base are well designed for the students. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about music theory and Guzheng but she brings humor, patience, discipline, and joy to every lesson. If you are looking for a teacher who is both caring and knowledgeable, she is the most perfect fit!

Shery & Cindy

Frisco, TX (In Person)
Kandle Dart

Thank you for being my teacher. I have learned a lot from knowing nothing to be able to play some songs now. I really enjoyed each of your lessons. You are a great teacher, very organized, follow through with the student's progress, and reinforce each exercise. You are also very sweet and lovely. I am very thankful for everything. Drills and songs on your YouTube channel are very helpful as I can see the movements of your fingers and hear the tunes to imitate. I do wish you have videos of all of the etudes and songs that you teach on YouTube so I can view and learn more. That would be really helpful. I love all the songs you play and I listen to them all the time!


Illinois (Remote)
Pat Davison

Crystal is an amazing Guzheng teacher and a fantastic performer herself. She has a calm, kind energy and is personable. The best and most important part of her lessons is that she sets her students with a firm basic foundation on the techniques of playing the guzheng with her tailored fingering drills first before going deeper into the more advanced techniques.


Plano, TX (In Person)
Sara Yang

Crystal is a very dedicated teacher. She would tailor your lessons depending on your learning speed. In every class, she makes sure to go over the old practices while teaching the new stuff. While teaching, she emphasizes on performing Guzheng elegantly. Overall, she is just a very polite, encouraging, and excellent Guzheng teacher.


Dallas, TX (In person)

Crystal's guzheng lessons are the best. As an adult beginner with no basic knowledge, I was worried that the lessons would not be very effective, but Crystal's guzheng lessons were very well organize. Not only did I encounter very detailed basics in the course, I was also not bored at any time. Also, she is a very professional teacher who can teach any level of students and even professional students.


DFW, TX (In person)

Crystal is an absolute gem to find! It has always been a dream of mine to learn and to play the Guzheng, and she has given me the chance! She is the most patient, friendly, and encouraging teacher I have ever met. Even if she is a long drive to get to, her and her lessons are worth it! I cannot wait until I'm at her level of mastery!


Irving, TX (In person)

Crystal has been a wonderful teacher! I have been starting from scratch. She is so patient and encouraging. Her lesson plans are well structured and easy to follow. I would highly recommend if you are also starting new!


Addison, TX (In person)
Shelly Xing

Crystal is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, passionate and so knowledgeable about Guzheng. My fingering technique has improved so much and I enjoy playing this beautiful instrument more and more!


California (Remote)

Crystal Zheng studio is very friendly, and fun place to meet and play with other. This is my first time play guzheng. Crystal spend her time to help me with her experienced and professional with her techniques I got play better and enjoyed a lots since i found her. Thank you Crystal!


DFW, TX (In person)

Great teacher!!! Crystal is very knowledgeable and skilled. She speaks Mandarin and English. Teacher has drills to help build your basic foundation. I highly recommend!!!!


Las Calinas, TX (In person)
Fiona She

I really enjoy my Guzheng class. My teacher Crystal has a great teaching style and makes things easy to understand. She is also very sweet and fun to learn from!


Fort Worth, TX (In Person)