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Take Guzheng Learning to the Next Level

It isn't just learning a musical instrument. It is more of how Guzheng brings you a different experience in life, how you express your feelings through Guzheng, and how your interactions with Guzheng would uplift your life.

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    All Ages

    5-90 years old

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    All Levels

    Beginner to Performer

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We take Guzheng teaching seriously. That's we what do, and that's what we do best. Our students ranges from 5 to 90 years old, from beginners to performers, across 10+ countries. Our goal is to bring you the uplifting experience through Guzheng that lasts lifetime.

Our Ways

We don't follow anyone's textbooks. We have our own exclusive materials and individual training plan for every student.

  • Exclusive Training Materials
  • Individual Training Plan
  • Flexible Learning Pace
  • Efficient and Productive Learning

Our Mission

Dedicated to Guzheng training and education, we strive to be one of the best Guzheng teaching institutions in the world.

  • Access Superior Education
  • Promote Guzheng Arts
  • Spread Guzheng Culture
  • Cultivate Guzheng Talents

Who we are

Located at Dallas & Fort Worth metroplex, we proudly serve local communities as well as worldwide Guzheng lovers.

  • In person lessons for locals
  • Online lessons for remote learners
  • Guzheng Certifications
  • Hosting Guzheng Shows
Crystal Zheng

Guzheng Instructor

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    20+ Years

    teaching experience

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    30+ Years

    playing experience

Crystal is a well-known Guzheng musician, senior Guzheng performer and Chinese Zither Art promoter. She is the President of Dallas Guzheng Association and founder of Chinese Zither Network. She is also the committee member of China Guzheng Association and Shannxi Qinzheng Association.

At the age of 6, Crystal was admitted to Xi’an Conservatory of Music and started professional Guzheng training with the famous and renowned Guzheng Master, professor Jun Wei. Subsequently, She studied Guzheng performance at China Conservatory of Music and Central Conservatory of Music. On the way to learning Guzheng performance, she was also guided by well-known Guzheng masters Yanjia Zhou, Zhongshan Wang and Yun Qu.

She was the artistic director of Zizhu Art and Culture Corporation, the judge of Guzheng Grading Examination and the education director of Guzheng Art Center in Beijing. During this period, she organized numerous concerts and activities for national music cultural exchange. She actively participated in Guzheng accompaniment for many filming and television works.

Crystal has composed many Guzheng music, Chunqiu Fu is one of them. She has also adapted many pop songs to Guzheng melodies. Her poems about Guzheng have been spread widely. Now she is offering what she has learned to the next generation and those who are passionate about Guzheng.

startHow does our teaching work?

Our Philosophy of Guzheng Learning

A learning journey proven efficient, productive, and successful


Solid Foundation Building

There is no such thing of overemphasizing the importance of the foundation building. Basic skill training is extremely important in our teaching philosophy. In this stage, we focus on accuracy, strength, speed and fine control. We found many students with previous training come to us to re-learn the basic skill sets in the right way.


Advanced Technique Mastering

Advanced technique mastering requires the solid foudation building. In this stage, we focus on the advanced technique practice, as well as agility and high frequency of changes of different techniques. We introduce expressions of different musical arts by various techniques on the same note.


Performance Technique Training and Presentation

Staging performances are one of the best ways to demonstrate guzheng skills and artistic performance, and require specialized training and practice, such as how to perform gracefully and demonstrate playing skills. We host and co-organize many guzheng performances throughout the year. Our students of all levels are offered the opportunity to perform on stage.

aboutOur Classes

Classes We Offer

We offer a variety of classes. Depending on your goals, we can recommend which one is best for you

1 on 1 class

1 on 1 Private Class

1 on 1 with Crystal. Can be in person or remote

group class

Small Group Class

2-4 students with the same level

performance class

Performance Class

Class for performance training

children class

Children Class

Children with similiar levels

adult class

Adult Class

Adults with similiar levels

public group class

Public Group Class

Public Guzheng Lecture

What Our Students are Saying?

Our students are our greatest assets. We hear everyone's voices. The smiles from each one of our students are the greatest encouragement to carry forward the Guzheng education